Next Member Meeting
April 21, 2018
Agenda: Voting on budget and new Trustees legal issues:
When: 10am
Where: Fairview Senior Center
160 N 100 W, Fairview

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Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
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The board has no President right now--the Trustees are taking turns.

Tom LeVevre, VP

Kurtis Zobel, Treasurer

Angie Russel, Secretary


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Member Meeting  april.21

Saturday April 21, 2018 @ 10:00am at the Fairview Senior Center 160 north 100 west, Fairview. Your attendance is greatly appreciated.

Here is a link to the proposed budget for 2018-2019. Click here (it is in PDF format) Here is the latest newsletter.

It's an important meeting--some legal news will be presented.

Lucky to Be in Hideaway

One real benefit of owning property in Hideaway Valley is that you have a group of concerned owners who are watching out for your rights. We want you to join us. With everyone working as a team, we can truly work to be a united community who respect each other's property rights while we take care of our roads.

rainbow in Hideaway

WEED CONTROL update 8.6.16

We had a very productive educational session at the fire house Friday night on weed control--and the education went both ways! There were a number of professional researchers from Utah State University as well as Rich Riding a weed control specialist and Scott Oldham the Pesticide Program Manager from the Utah Department of Agriculture. Members of Hideaway learned a lot about weed control and the presenters got the facts about what is and is not working in Hideaway. Quite a few concerned members attended and our board was represented by our President Randy Hill, our Secretary Angie Russel, and Trustee Kurtis Zobell.

Big thanks to the presenters

We give a very big thanks to the presenters because the meeting began on a rather rocky note--several irate members got into their faces and there was cursing and finger pointing and shouting. However, the presenters remained calm and kept repeating, "We hear you, we agree, you're right these are residences and we know this kills trees..." And within a short time everyone calmed down and the presenters were able to talk to us and listen to our concerns--which by the way, they share.


The upshot is, there is to be a moratorium for the time being and there will be no spraying of the herbicides mandated by the county. Each one of these herbicides are prohibited by federal law to be used around residences. Steve Oldham said that the Agricultural department was contracted by the EPA to enforce regulations on herbicides and pesticides and he was bound by law to give penalties for the misuse of these products.

Deadline extended--Hearing for weed control

Rich Riding was more than helpful. He explained that there are many ways to control weeds and we will look for options together. He wants us all on the same page and wants everyone's participation. The deadline for weed spraying is being extended until Mr. Riding can arrange for a hearing before the weed control board. All of you who requested a hearing and were ignored--we will do the hearing in a group setting and come up with a viable plan that hopefully will address the problem of noxious weeds while at the same time leaving our homes, ground water, animals, and children safe.

Rich will let the secretary of Hideaway, Angie Russel, know when and where the hearing is and she will post it in the newsletter and we will send out a notice via email also.

The main point that everyone went away with is to make sure that the solution is not worse than the problem.