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sanpete Phonebook

Most records online

In 2010 your board voted to post all reocrds online including receipts from bills paid. This keeps everything in the open somembers dosn't have to wonder and worry about our financials.

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Hideaway Valley Property Owners Association
HC 13, Box 3001

Fairview, UT 84629


Please take note that your trustees are volunteers. We are do our best to provide you with all the records in an open and trasparent manner. They must be scanned into a computer and then sent to the webmaster for posting. Some of the records are incomplete becasue of changes in trustees and moving records around yet most of them have survived. If you want a particular item and don't see it here, please inquire and we'll find it as soon as possible or expalin why we can't.

Paying your Assessments
Checking Account
Treasurer's Reports
Bids, Quotes & Contracts

Paying your Assessments

Assessment Payments
Discounts: Assessments can be paid annually (10% discount if entire year assessment paid by first quarter due date of May 1 for any given fiscal year)

Quarterly payments:
Assessments are due quarterly on or before May 1, August 1, November 1, and February 1. The Protective Covenants mandate that 10% interest shall be charged on any balance not paid by its due date.

To pay by credit card or bank draft
send an email to and an electronic invoice will be sent for balance owing including any interest accrued. It will contain instructions for paying electronically. There is no charge for paying electronically.

Automatic withdrawals:Most financial institutions allow you to make automatic withdrawals or do web bill pay. If you want to automatically have your quarterly payments taken from your account, make arrangements with your financial institution. You will need the routing and account number of the Hideaway Valley Mountain America Credit Union account. Contact the treasurer for this information and to obtain an ID so that you are properly credited.


Budgest Comparison Chart

2007-2008 Budget (no member vote taken)

2008-2009 Budget approved
2009-2010 First proposal sent to members. Numbers did not match assessment of $300 so budget was revised by that year's board and all costs adjusted to justfy assessment of $300. 2009-2010 Budget approved. This version was sent out after the first budget was shown to be inaccurate. This second budget was approved.
2010-2011 Budget approved 2011-2012 Budget Approved
2014-20152015-2016 Proposed Budget
2017-2018 Budget

Checking Account

2009 Nov to 2010 Jan Far West Statements 2009 Dec to 2011 Feb all Mt America Statements
2011 March Statement 2011 April Statement
2011 May Statement 2011 June Statement
2011 July (coming) 2011 August (coming)

Checks from 12-09 to 05-10
Checks from 05-10 to 10-10
Checks from 11-10 to 03-11

NOTE: No further checks will be published as they must be hand redacted and scanned individually. Members can cross check statements with receipts, and look at the checkbook during meetings. If a member wants a copy of a particular check, they may request it from the board, the board will notify the bank and the bank will supply a copy for $3 per check.

Treasurer's Reports

2007. Audit 2008 March-July 2009-Balances
2009-March Profit & Loss 2009-September Profit & Loss
2010 April Year End Report 2010 May-Oct 2010 Report
2010 Nov Balance
2010 Dec Treasurer's Report 2011 Jan Profit & Loss
2011 Jan Treasurer's Report 2011 Feb Treasurers Report
2011 April Treasurer's Report 2011 May Treasurer's Report
(Year End Report)
2011 June Profit-loss Report 2011 July Treasurer's report
2011 August Treasurer's Report 2012 April 30 Treasurer's report
2012 July Treasurer's report (within newsletter)2012 Sept Treasurers Report
2012 Oct. Treasurers Report2012 Nov Treasurer's Report
2013 Jan 26 Treasurer's Report 2013 May 16 Treasurer's Report
2013 June 14 Treasurer's Report2013 Oct 19 Treasurer's Report
2014 Jan 25 Treasurer's Report  (FULL)2014 Feb 21 Treasurer's Report
2014 April (Mercer Report done correctly) Missing for a few years
2016 Year End for 2015-2016

Bids & Contracts

Note: Contracts and bids from 2008 t0 Nov of 2009 are not in the possession of this board.
2007-Book keeping, Roper 2007-Book keeping HEB
2009-Snow Removal bid
2009- Trash, C&G 2010-Book Keeping
2010-Handbook, Z-docs 2010--Insurance-verification
2010-Eckles Paving 2010- Snow removal bids
2011 Road Contract
2011 Ad for Bid Road Work
2011- Fixing Bulletin Board & Mowing
2011 Road & Rock Pricing 2011-July, quote on Cold Patch
2011 Insurance Package 2011 Collections contract-Collections Enhancement
2014 Book Keeping Contract Connie Roper

Bid packages
Road bid package for Fiscal year 2011 to 2012. April 2011


2008 HVPOA Taxes
2009 HVPOA Taxes
2010 HVPOA Taxes


Reserve Study October 1, 2012

June 2015 Collection Questions form Roy Walker to The Collection Attorney Peter Harrison
    (NOTE: Most all of these questions had been dealt with with prior boards and even with Roy too.
      It was quite expensive to have the attorney go over it yet again.)